Remembering Life Through Drinks

One of my favorite things to do is grab a drink for when I’m on the go, studying, etc. I never forget to snap a pic of it, too. Today, I’ve decided to take a stroll down memory lane with the help of these drink pics from my iPhone’s gallery.

1 – Meteorology Study Session

white chocolate mocha
Sitting in Woods Coffee, I was speed reading my meteorology textbook to study for the upcoming exam while sipping on a warm white chocolate mocha.

2 – Art Class

strawberry smoothie
I enjoyed a strawberry smoothie during my Two-Dimensional Design class which was a three-hour long class. This drink was much needed!

3 – Matcha in the Mall

iced green tea latte
I had an iced green tea latte from Starbucks while sitting in the mall. However, I was disappointed that the matcha wasn’t mixed into the drink properly. I had to periodically stir the drink with my straw but still drank several chunks of matcha. This was probably just a one-time occurrence and I will be giving this drink a second chance!

4 – Walking to Class

iced vanilla latte
Walking to class while sipping on an iced vanilla latte made at the on-campus cafe.

5 – Din Tai Fung

green milk tea
oolong tea
At Din Tai Fung, I enjoyed their green milk tea and warm oolong tea. In fact, Din Tai Fung is my favorite restaurant.

6 – Calculus Study Session

iced vanilla latte + seared steak, egg & tomatillo wrap
I was studying for my Calculus I final exam. Here I am munching on a seared steak, egg & tomatillo wrap from Starbucks and sipping on an iced vanilla latte from the on-campus cafe.

7 – Free Starbucks Drink

pink drink
It’s always a great day when you know you’ve got a coupon to redeem for a free Starbucks drink. Here I have a trenta pink drink. (It wouldn’t make sense not to make the free drink trenta-sized, am i right?)

8 – In Need of Energy

Starbucks doubleshot energy white chocolate drink
After a long day of classes, I knew I had to drink this Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Drink in white chocolate if I was going to go through hours of homework.

9 – Honeydew Flavored Bubble Tea??

honeydew bubble tea
After much curiosity around what honeydew bubble tea tasted like, I decided to give it a try. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. Perfectly sweet and tastes like honeydew.

10 – Quick Trip to Starbucks

iced white mocha
During lunch break, I took a quick trip to Starbucks to get an iced white mocha. For a while, I was eating lunch at the nearby Starbucks every single day because I couldn’t bear to eat the same cafeteria foods over and over again.

11 – Taro Bubble Tea??

taro bubble tea
On this day, I was visiting a friend who worked at┬áCoCo Fresh Tea & Juice at the time. This was my first time trying taro bubble tea. Funny enough, up to this moment, I had only known it to be “the cute purple drink.” The taro bubble tea was sweeter than I had expected it to be since taro isn’t that sweet.

12 – Citrus-Lover

virgin mojito (NON-alcoholic)
Here I am enjoying a virgin mojito (NON-alcoholic) in a French restaurant located in Seoul, South Korea.

13 – What’s the Hype?

caramel macchiato
I decided to discover for myself what all the hype about caramel macchiatos were about. I’m sure that someone somewhere out in the world admires this drink, but it didn’t click for me. I personally found it a little too sweet, but, at least the drink is aesthetic, right?

14 – That’s the Tea, Sis

chamomile tea
For dessert, I had warm chamomile tea. This was the first time I had tea for dessert. I usually prefer ice cream, sorbet, or cake for dessert.

15 – Chocolate Sauce

iced mocha
During break, I got an iced mocha at the on-campus cafe. I found the chocolate sauce streaks visually appealing.

The End!!

And there you have it! Memories told through a collection of pictures of drinks. I’ll create another post like this if it is requested or when more drink pictures start to build up in my photo gallery!

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